Our Team

Our passion for providing patients with comprehensive dental care coupled with a dedication to our community has built a reputation for a family-friendly, personalized dental experience.  With a focus on patient education, our goal is to have a positive impact on each patient's overall health and well-being.


Krista - Dental Hygienist

Voted: Biggest Prankster.
Last Spotted: Holding up a Master Angler.


Kendal - Dental Hygienist

Secret Superpower: Beauty and Brains! 
Greatest Accomplishment: Balancing Work Life/Mom Life/Wife Life.


Heather - Dental Hygienist

Last Spotted: Cheering on her Stampeder Billets- Go Stamps Go!
Snickers Award: For the best and most contagious laugh.


Jayne - Dental Hygienist

Best Known For: Her Wisdom and Wit.
Last Spotted: Showing off pictures of her Grandbabies.


Alana - Dental Assistant

Voted: Best Group project leader.
Spotted: Listening to gangster rap driving to her 9-5 job.


Afton - Dental Assistant

Voted: Most Liked by Parents 
Future Plans: Dental Hygiene Grad Class of 2021!


Melanie - Dental Assistant

Resident Cowgirl Extraordinaire.
Social Butterfly Award: Easily makes friends and works hard to make our patients comfortable.


Dee - Dental Assistant

Little Known Fact: You are extra lucky to be one of Dee's patients... They always seem to win the Cavity Free Club Draw.

Most Likely to be found: Taking Care of the Team - she is everyone's go-to lady!


Presley - Dental Assistant

Voted Most Likely: To Sleep through an earthquake.
Plans for the future: Continue my education and become a Phase 2 Dental Assistant


Dawn - Dental Assistant

Glowstick Award: For the glowing personality that brightens everyone's day.
Pet Peeves: Getting teased by Dr. Siggi!

Kendra Weston cropped.png

Kendra - Dental Assistant

Best known for her sunny disposition.
Voted most likely to forget where she was going in the office.


Roxie - Office Manager

Aspire Nickname: Hillary.
Pack Leader Award: Most Likely to know where everyone is at any given time.
Last Spotted: Trying to get her desk back from Dr.Siggi.


Jackie - Treatment Coordinator

Most Likely to be found: Pitching her idea for a Cat Cafe aka. CATfe to anyone who will listen.
Greatest Accomplishment: Chasing down Dr. Siggi to complete his paperwork in a reasonable time frame. (May the odds be forever in her favor.)


Terryl - Receptionist

Voted Most Likely To: Buy the Winning Lottery Ticket and Lose it.....

If she could spend time with anyone living or dead she would choose: Dwayne Johnson - Because of his joy and love of life. He gives everything 110%, it's inspiring!


Trini - Receptionist

Fav Food: Super duper die-hard fan of sweets. esp "Cake and Chocolates" (The irony of this being a dental fb page is not lost on us....)

Reason she chose this career path: Kind of related to her nursing experience and previous job experience too.