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Restoring Safe Dental Services to our Aspire Dental Centre Family

Today Manitobans received a heartening message from our Premier; the announcement of the multi-phased reopening of many businesses to kick start our economy is welcomed news for all. Our team at Aspire Dental Centre has missed seeing you and can't wait to see your smiles again!

Visiting your dentist will be different than it was before. Under the guidance of the Manitoba Dental Association and Shared Health Manitoba, dental services will be reintroduced in stages and with new procedural guidelines. Those guidelines are yet to be determined. We, at Aspire Dental Centre, will strive to do all we can to take care of our patients and team safely as we learn more.

As we prepare for our return, we continue to offer our services for dental emergencies.

As always, we take the wellbeing of our patients and team very seriously and are committed to upholding the same high safety standards and protocols you have come to expect from us. We take great responsibility in having your trust and as we prepare to reopen you can be assured we remain committed to your oral health needs.

We will continue to provide updates on our website and Facebook page.

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I was in to see a dentist that does transplants at your office last year. My name is Lynne Manikel. He has done a tooth transplant on my husband Dale Manikel. I have swelling and pain where my bridge is and I would like to see this same dentist. I would like to make an appointment as soon as possible. Please let me know when I can.

Thank you

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