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  • Roxie Petelski

Aspire Dental Centre- In our Community providing access to great Oral Health Care

At the beginning of the 2019 year, Aspire Dental Centre- Swan River was invited to partner with some of our surrounding communities and initiate off-site clinical visits. Our team is always keen on finding opportunities to educate patients on the importance of oral health, improving ease of access to our services and furthering our unification within our communities. In the past we have attended multiple health fairs, classroom presentations and community projects geared towards promoting overall improved health.

We began by attending a school in one rural setting, and performed oral assessments on school-aged children ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 8 after receiving parental consent. Due to the success of this initial visit, we have continued to be hosted once a month by the school to provide these assessments.

In addition to continuing to attend the original community monthly, we are proud to share that we have since added two other locations to our monthly visits, and plan on adding another in the coming 2020 year. We have been hosted at Schools and Medical Facilities and branched out from not only seeing school aged children Pre-school through Grade 12, but also adults as well.

We have purchased portable equipment and supplies so that we are now able to provide on-site Hygiene care at schools and medical facilities. Services that we are now able to provide include fluoride treatment, polish, scaling and oral assessments. We are currently exploring the possibility of performing routine dental treatment such as fillings, extractions, x-rays, and complete examinations in the very near future.

We would like to thank these neighboring communities for inviting us to join them for what has been such a mutually rewarding experience. We are looking forward to continued expansion and working towards ensuring everyone has access to great oral health care.

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